The God Who Designs and Defines Love

I know I haven’t posted on here in a while.

That’s my bad. With the busy-ness of seminary and working at my church and leading Bible studies and trying to stay somewhat in-shape and socializing and trying to get at least a few hours of sleep a night, I haven’t had much extra time to be writing, and what free time I have had, I have spent researching for a series of videos I am preparing for my YouTube channel.

That being said, beginning this week, the fruits of that labor will hopefully begin to pour fourth. Starting today, I am launching the video series, “David on Dating” (or D.O.D., a play on dod, one of the Hebrew words for love), which, good Lord willing, I am hoping to post on a weekly basis. The series will cover subjects such as love, attraction, dating, marriage, sex, communication, and conflict, and will essentially consist of us walking through one of the least-talked-about books of the Bible, the Song of Songs (or the Song of Solomon), which just so happens to be my favorite book of the Bible. In some weeks we will step out of the Song to spend more time exploring what else the Bible has to say about certain subjects we encounter along the way, but I’m really excited to see where the series leads, and hope that it will provide useful information for young Christians who long to stay true to God in their blossoming relationship, yet are left confused by the mixed messages so often sent by both culture and the church alike.

That being said, below is the first video, which is simply an introduction to the series: The God who is love is the God who designed love, and therefore He should be the one who defines loves. Therefore, if we want to have godly, pure, and satisfying relationships, the first step is to make sure we are in good standing with God. If we want to relate rightly to one another, we must first relate rightly to God. If we want to love rightly, we must first come to know Him who fashioned love in the first place.

I’m really excited for these videos, and hope you will join me in the journey! Once again, sorry for going MIA for so long, but hopefully you will come to see that I haven’t simply been inactive!